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Posted at : November 25, 2009
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I love cssgallery. When I’m running out of inspiration, I do not go to the beach, but I’ll open my feed reader, spending time there, watching latest design submission of my favorite css gallery feeds.
Within 15-30 minutes I usually will feel more refreshed and got new inspiration that can be poured into a new design idea / mockup. Pretty simple, huh?

I am sure that some of you may have done the same way, and I think you will agree with me that this method is far more efficient when compared to, go to the beach, mountains (unless otherwise using this way you still do not get your inspiration, then go ahead, just go to the beach or mountain :lol:), meet someone specials, or other inspirational events / places, that may more time consuming and also need more money :p

However, there is a problem. Not all CSS Galleries have a good feed format for rss fans.
I’ve tried and reviewed more than 200 css gallery feeds and found the fact that only a few of them, using a good feed format. Some of them displaying their gallery items as a “too” small image thumbnail (that is difficult to see the details of design without visiting the websites), or some of them even just simply put a description text of each item without showing any images (I certainly was not going to subscribe to feed like this).

In my opinion, a good format for a css gallery is, the gallery items/images should be displayed in a sufficient images dimension (having minimum 400 px width is a good start ), to let users able to see the detail of the design item without having visiting the related website (unless when you find a design that really makes you amazed)

From the criteria above, I decided to compile a list of css galleries (see below) that meet my requirement and then share it with you ;)

You can click the RSS link that I put in the end of each CSS Gallery item, to subscribe to the CSSGallery. Or alternatively, just download my CSS Gallery OPML file.

This OPML file will allow you to import all CSSGallery feeds listed below, into your favorite feedreader such as Google reader, FeedDemon, netvibes etc., at one time. Simply import it from your favorite feed reader. This should be easy. Good luck ;)

Css Gallery Screenshot Size (px) Feed
1 unmatchedstyle 453 x 291 feed image
2 cssremix 902 x 320 feed image
3 cssstyle.me 400 x 300 feed image
4 designbombs 611 x 238 feed image
5 cartfrenzy 560 x 320 feed image
6 minimalexhibit 560 x 320 feed image
7 foliofocus 560 x 320 feed image
8 blogdesignheroes 560 x 320 feed image
9 cssfreshbelend 570 x 270 feed image
10 cssburst 710 x 533 feed image
11 swellcss 500 x 351 feed image
12 cssdance 422 x 242 feed image
13 bestcssgallery 513 x 320 feed image
14 dot-design 440 x 300 feed image
15 cssdsgn 420 x 320 feed image
16 bestwebgalllery 470 x 160 feed image
17 mobileawesomeness 416 x 318 feed image
18 onepagelove 400 x 211 feed image
19 wookies 500 x 300 feed image
20 cssbuilt 638 x188 feed image

Other great resources

These following websites are also worth it to subscribe to (because of their popularity and quality), but I didn’t include them in the OPML file, just because of their size of feed images are smaller than 400 pixels. So it’s up to you ;)

Css Gallery Screenshot Size (px) Feed
1 WebCreme 200 x 88 feed image
2 Creattica 320 x 360 feed image
3 Cssmania 320 x 217 feed image

* Did I not include your favorite feeds? Please let me know by writing a comment below. If it meets the criteria, I’ll inlude it the next post updates

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